Orange graffiti on wall by Yero member of Bless theHomies crew



Yero starting practicing graffiti about 2 years ago and is still relatively new to the craft. His main inspirations were to find a creative outlet that helped him deal with some his negative experiences in life. Many of his peers died tragically very young, or went to prison. He quickly realized that the same would happen to him and began changing his life.

Throughout this journey he discovered a passion for art and digital media. His main inspirations came from seeing graffiti on trains as a child. He moved to Los Angeles, California and the graffiti scene there really pushed him into exploring his creativity. His favorite type of graffiti is handstyles, and he believes that there is a lot of beauty in someone’s signature. He started creating content on social media and quickly got the attention of other artists with similar ideas.

This gave way to the birth of the collective “blessthehomies” there have been many ups and downs due to internet censorship and this is why he chose to develop a website for the community. His goal is to encourage and inspire as well as collaborate with other artists in the digital space.

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