Digital graffiti Kabzo one blue and purple



Born in 1989, based in the middle of France, he used to watch lot of anime manga like Dragon ball z, Cit Hunter, Saint seya then he developed a passion for sketching in general. Everything started the day where he drove on the highway with his parents, bringing his Brother to school Near Paris. There was a revelation, graffiti is powerful.

During the route near Paris he saw lot of graffiti and tags all along the road on walls, trains, underground and he was fascinated by the colors, the way the letters were made and the feeling.

Many years laters he starts to sketch graffiti letters and make it better day after day. What he loves it’s to make manga character with graffiti styles and old school letters. Today he is making his dream come true becoming graphics designer and practicing graffiti on his free time to improve his craft and artistic talent. He is a solo graffiti writer preferring doing things alone because he wants to feel free and not depend on anyone. One Day he participated in an art contest from the Bless the homies and he was the Winner. Since this moment he is becoming an active member within the group and he is now a main developer for our collective.

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